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The Excel Center Hypnotherapy Training College is now accepting new students at our ‘ on -campus’ Hypnosis training courses for students at the beginner and advanced levels. Courses are held in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Our ‘on campus’ courses are offered the first weekend of every month. These intensive programs come with all the material and information you will need to begin to use the Hypnosis techniques right away. 

Many of our students have successfully started their own career in the booming healing modality of Hypnotherapy.

We also offer well-crafted Distance Learning Certification courses for the beginner and/or advanced student leading to your Master Hypnotist Certificate.

“Human Life will never be understood unless its highest aspirations are taken into account. Growth, self-actualization, the striving toward health, the quest for identity, and autonomy, the yearning for excellence (and other ways of phrasing the striving ‘upward’) must by now be accepted beyond question as a widespread and perhaps universal human tendency.”

-Abraham Maslow

Students are responsible for travel costs, accommodation and transportation.

All students successfully completing the courses listed will receive a certificate and one-year membership in The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy which includes your information on our Hypnosis Finder. A worldwide referral agency. People in need of a therapist are able to access the hypnosis finder, to find a therapist in their area, the information is located at HypnosisCanada.com

Hypnotherapy Certification Courses

Hypnotherapist 1

Hypnotherapist 2

Master Hypnotist 1

Master Hypnotist 2


All inclusive investment is $4999.oo

Basic Hypnotherapist Certification Training Course

2 days on-campus, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


Course investment includes:


Study guide & personalized instruction

Starter kit

Script Binder

CD packages

This course is our entry-level course. It is offered for those who wish to learn more about hypnosis over a 2-day course. This certificate level takes you through the steps of hypnosis and you will have a chance to experience practising hypnosis.

There will demonstrations and lots of time for practising the techniques you have been taught. Graduates of this course will earn the title of Certified Hypnotherapist, CHt.

The study guide can be completed at home after the on-campus course. You will receive a credit of 50 hours of training which can be applied to other courses. If you take our course we will apply your tuition as a credit towards other courses you take with us in the future. 

The basic course is a fun and interesting learning environment. One week is given to complete the review after the on-campus portion is complete.

Course Content:

Suggestibility testing, Hypnotic rules of the mind, the role of the hypnotic mind, the role of the subconscious mind. Pre-induction interview, establishing client goals, classic induction techniques, disguised induction techniques, instant rapid and confusion techniques, trance deepening, ethics and legalities, measuring responsiveness and trance depth, trance management, dealing with and overcoming resistance,structuring successful positive resistance, developing hypnotic rapport, teaching self hypnosis methods for easily obtaining deep hypnosis, overview of hypnotic regression techniques, advanced induction techniques , advanced rapid and instant inductions, phobia removal, pain control techniques, emergency hypnosis, quick induction, hands-on training and practice with your fellow students and/or instructor, hypnosis questions and answers.

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